Document: GEO-3-28-22

The development of environmental and ecological programs at Howard University.


Howard University, Washington, DC 20059 USA 1

The development of environment studies and ecology at Howard University has been facilitated by participation in Strategies for Ecology Education Development and Sustainability (SEEDS) Program. At Howard this has involved the integration of a number of efforts: 1.) An on-campus student environment organization, HUES (Howard University Ecological Society) was established last year with a major goal of raising student environmental awareness. Past activities to promote environmental awareness have included Earth Day events, the first annual environmental cross-town walk, periodic local clean-ups, and a variety of panel discussions and talks on environmental/ ecological topics. 2.) The exposure of students to career and research opportunities has been achieved by encouraging students to participate in campus research projects, internship opportunities, and summer research programs. Past participation has changed student perceptions and attitudes toward the environmental and ecological areas. 3.) A new, two-semester, multidisciplinary Environmental Studies course sequence will be taught in the 2000-01 academic year. Both Howard University and the National Science Foundation have provided financial support that will allow participating faculty, particularly non-ecologists, to attend workshops and meetings. 4.) The development and implementation of a graduate interdisciplinary, Environmental Studies program will facilitate graduate student training in a wide variety of environmental areas, including ecology--as well as providing increased opportunities for faculty to engage in interdisciplinary research collaborations. An important component in the development of all of these efforts has been the integration of 'traditional' approaches in the environmental and ecological sciences with an environmental justice component.

Keywords: ecological education, environmental studies, environmental science

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