Symposium #17: Science in national parks: Basic research and application.
Sponsored by ESA Sustainable Biosphere Initiative
Organized by: S.T.A. Pickett and W. Robertson.
Wednesday, August 8, 2001. 1:00 PM to 4:25 PM. Madison Ballroom A

Marine parks and management areas:A networking scheme.

Castilla, Juan Carlos 1, Navarrete, Sergio1, 1

ABSTRACT- Basic ecological, oceanographic, fishery and socio-ecomomic knowledge are essential to make progress for the rational use and conservation of marine coastal resources and environments. The paper address these topics: (a) in connection with the 20 year (1981-2000) ecological data set obtained from the Coastal Marine Preserve (Estacion Costera de Investigaciones Marinas, ECIM) at Las Cruces, central Chile and (b) the recent implementation in Chile of Management and Exploitation Areas (MEAs) in the hands of small-scale fisher communities, for the rational use of benthic resources. Fishery resource enhancement and rotational extraction of benthic resources, adaptive management, territorial use rights in fisheries, individual non-transferable extractive quotas and co-management strategies, presently used in the country are discussed. Furthermore, the urgent need for the establishment in Chile of Marine Protected Aareas(MPAs, such as Marine Parks and Reserves) and the spatial network linkages with MEAs and fishery open access areas is highlighted.The paper calls attention to the fact that when addressing marine management / conservation plans it is necessary to have a balanced consideration of the linkages between basic ecological knowledge, management and conservation based on the unequivocal reality that fishers/people (users) as well as fishes (resources) and environment are the main players.

KEY WORDS: Marine Parks, Management-Exploitation Areas, Network, Ecology-Conservation