Experimental and Clinical Therapeutics

Monday, October 17, 2005 3:00 PM-5:00 PM Exhibit Hall

(PP097) Oral consumption of Cordyceps sinensis promotes the recovery of radiation-induced bone marrow and intestinal injuries in mice.

Chen, Fang-Hsin*,1, 2, Liu, Wei-Chung 1, Hsieh, Kai-Fong1, Hong, Ji-Hong 2, Chiang, Chi-Shiun1, 1 Department of Atomic Science, Hsinchu, Taiwan(R.O.C.)2 Department of Radiation Oncology, Taoyuan, Taiwan(R.O.C.)

ABSTRACT- Bone marrow and intestine damages by radiation limits their efficacy of applying radiation in several types of cancer treatment. In this study, we show that an orally administered hot-water extract from Cordyceps sinensis (CS) prolonged the survival of mice receiving total body irradiation (TBI) by preventing them dying from intestine injuries. The oral uptake of CS increased the median time of death from 16 to 23 days and 8 to 24 days following 8 and 10 Gy TBI, respectively; but CS did not prolong survival in mice treated with 12 Gy TBI. Histological examination of small bowel taken at 3.5 days after 10 Gy irradiation showed that CS decreased radiation-induced crypt cell loss, which is consistent with the finding that apoptotic crypt stem cells were less in the CS treated small bowel, taken at 4 hours after irradiation, than those in control mice. Although mice treated with CS and TBI could survive through the crisis of intestinal injuries, most of them, especially for 10 Gy irradiated mice, died from bone marrow failure. The histological sections illustrated that severe marrow hypoplasia in those mice died between 18-24 days. At the 5th days following TBI, the RBC counts in the peripheral blood of mice treated with 8 or 10 Gy was lower than those of pre-TBI, however the levels in CS treated mice already recovery to the pre-TBI status. To further analyze the effects of CS on bone marrow stem cells, the in vitro data demonstrated that CS can enhance the viability and colony forming ability of bone marrow cells in both control and irradiated mice. Moreover, the CS also promoted the differentiation of bone marrow cells into adipocytes, alkaline phosphate positive osteoblast cells, and bone formation. These results indicate that oral administration of CS may prevent the apoptotic cell death of crypt stem cells within dose range of 8-10 Gy and promote the differentiation of bone marrow stem cells following radiation therapy. The CS effects on the radiation response of bone marrow cells with lower radiation dose is underway to further investigate whether oral CS consumption can also prolong the survival of mice from bone marrow failure.

Key words: Cordyceps sinensis

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