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(PP045) Radiological Event Preparedness Registry (REPR): A database for radiation experts to assist local terrorism response personnel.

Meltz, Martin*,1, 1 Dept. of Radiation Oncology, San Antonio, TX, USA

ABSTRACT- The "Radiological Event Preparedness Registry (REPR)" is a unique and secure database designed to help local terrorism response officials deal with a radiological terrorism event. These terrorism response leaders ("Users") are identified by State Level Co-Administrators who know the Users, and their role locally. The Radiation Experts (of all types) register in a "Radiation Expert" database on a voluntary basis; they are confirmed by State Level Co-Administrators who know them or who can verify their identity through the references they provide. Radiation Safety Officers, registering as "Institutional Representatives," can enter information about the radiation detection and identification equipment available within their institutions in an "Institutional Resources" database in the REPR, so that local officials can call for this equipment in an emergency. A limited number of persons representing relevant organizations (e.g. HPS, RRS, Dept. of Homeland Security, Dept. of Defense, National Guard) will be offered the opportunity to be designated "National Administrators." These persons will be responsible for identifying and/or confirming State Level Co-Administrators in their organizations. The latter and other confirmed State Level Co-administrators, active locally in terrorism preparedness, will also confirm Radiation Experts and RSOs. Most importantly, the persons will identify and confirm the Users. The website address for volunteering to participate, and for entering information, will be made available to RRS members at the annual meeting. The data base development was initially funded by the Center for Public Health Preparedness and Biomedical Research at the UTHSCSA, and by the Southwest Chapter of the Health Physics Society (STC-HPS). Additional funding has come from the Southwest Texas Regional Advisory Council (STRAC). The REPR co-developer was J. Stanley Bravenic III, M.S., of the Veterans Affairs Medical Ctr., Houston, TX. The programmer is Ivan Negovetic, Dept. of Computing Resources, UTHSCSA.

Key words: Terrorism, Registry, Experts, Equipment

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