PW06 Life-Cycle Assessment
Exhibit Hall
8:00 AM - Wednesday

(PW058) Measures that Matter: Metabolic Flow Analysis as Assessment Tool & Strategy Driver.

Friend, G.1, 2, Jaber, D1, 1 Natural Logic2 Sustainable Business Association

ABSTRACT- Energy flows, materials cycle. This phrase provides a powerful guide to applying the 3.8 billion year experience of living systems to creating efficient, adaptive, resilient human systems. This presentation will - introduce Metabolic Flow Analysis (MFA) as a basis for business and community sustainability indicators; - illustrate how MFA can be used to guide development and deployment of indicators - demonstrate the use of interactive indicators tools to support & enrich problem solving, innovation, and nmulti-stakeholder dialog, . MFA provides a powerful framework that helps companies and communities identify design and innovation opportunities to improve environmental quality and efficiency at companies, industrial clusters, communities and regions. In business, waste is a symptom of bad design, and good design requires good information. MFA provides a stark and challenging answer to the question "what business are we really in?" -- and can discover significant hidden profits. Communities focus on design and economic development strategies that support quality of life -- which require effective use of resources as well. Regional metabolic analysis (RMA) enables strategic targeting of industries that add greatest net value, and guides economic development to filling the gaps in the regional economic web.

Key words: indicators, economic development, sustainability, efficiency

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