() Bioavaibility of 353-Nonylphenol in Soil.

Telscher, Markus1, Schmidt, Burkhard2, Schaeffer, Andreas1, 3, 1 RWTH Aachen University, Department of Biology V, Environmental Biology and Chemodynamics, Aachen, NRW, Germany2 RWTH Aachen University, Department of Biology V, Ecology, Ecotoxicology and Ecochemistry, Aachen, NRW, Germany3 Fraunhofer IME, Division Applied Ecology, Schmallenberg, NRW, Germany

ABSTRACT- The fate and behaviour of 4-nonylphenol in the environment is dominated by adsorption to soil and sediment components. Therefore the sorption behaviour of a defined isomer of the technical mixture of 4-nonylphenol, 353-nonylphenol, to Na-bentonite, peat humic acids and peat fulvic acids was determined. Experiments were carried out in dialysis chambers build from Teflon. A dialysis membrane with a molecular weight cut off of 1000 Da seperated the two half cells. Lockable openings in each of the two half cells allow for easy sampling and measurement as well as variation of reaction conditions such as the pH. Humic and fulvic acids were extracted from peat with sodium-hydroxide-solution and dialyzed against water (1000 Da), commercial Na-bentonite was used without cleaning. 353-nonylphenol adsorbed only weakly to fulvic acids over a wide pH range, whereas there was strong adsorption to humic acids and Na-bentonite (KDOC 5934 L/kg). Competitive adsorption studies of 353-nonylphenol to humic acids or Na-bentonite were made using a three chamber dialysis cell, humic acids were used in solution and as solid. The impact of the adsorption of 353-nonylphenol to different soil components on the degradation of 353-nonylphenol in soil was studied in flow-through-systems using a sandy loam soil (pH 5.5, corg 0.60, clay 5.07%, silt 33.00%, sand 61.33%). Mineralization and volatilization of 353-nonylphenol decreased dramatically in soil, soil with additional Na-bentonite and soil with additional solid peat humic acids.

Key words: bioavaibility, soil, nonylphenol-isomer, degradation

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