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(PW075) Dressing of Feldspar in Residues of Quarries Seeking this Use in The Industry of Glass.

Carrisso, R C1, Ribeiro, R C2, Correia, J. C.3, 1 CETEM, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil2 CETEM, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil3 CETEM, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

ABSTRACT- The pegmatite ore of the white granite from Brazil, contains K feldspar (40%), Na-Ca feldspar (23%), quartz (34%), garnet (2%) and impurities. A preliminary study of feldspar concentration was achieved, with base in the information supplied by the technological characterization of that residue, seeking his application in the ceramic and glass industries. The chemical analysis showed the presence of the impurities iron, manganese, titanium and zirconium oxides, but only the contents of iron above of the acceptable for the potential consuming market. The flotation concentration study showed to be technically viable the reduction of the content of iron for values below 1%, with recoveries in mass above 90%, that. The product obtained, without retreat of the quartz, can be classified as feldspar sand, with content of alkalis (K2O + Na2O) around 8% in weight.

Key words: Residues of Quarries , Glass's industry, Feldspar, Granites

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