PH14 Ecotoxicogenomics
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(PH164) Toxicogenomic analysis of Japanese medaka (Oryzias latipes) exposed to gamma rays using a functional cDNA microarray.

Park, K.S.1, Hong, H.N.1, Gu, M.B.1, 1 Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Gwangju, Korea

ABSTRACT- The biological impacts of gamma-ray irradiation have not been investigated thoroughly using molecular biology tools such as cDNA microarray. In this study, therefore, Japanese Medaka fish were irradiated by gamma rays to evaluate molecular level impacts of gamma-ray irradiation through toxicogenomic analysis using cDNA microarrays. The cDNA microarray used in this experiment consists of 120 different cDNA spots, and include 6 estrogen response genes, 8 estrogen potential receptors, 7 sensory function genes, 3 male hormone related genes, 4 CYP family genes, 6 Heat shock protein/stress genes, 9 metabolic related genes, 22 apoptosis/mutation/tumor suppress genes, 2 developmental related genes, 2 oxidative damage related genes, 3 cell cycle related genes, 6 metal responsive genes, 7 immune response related genes, 11 general transcriptional factors, 3 elongation factors, 2 natriutic peptides, and 12 uncategorized genes. The transcriptional patterns between irradiated medaka and controls were compared after exposure for 1 hr, 2 days and 8 days to ascertain the effects of gamma-ray irradiation. The findings show that Immune response-related gene Mhc1A and Bf-C2 were up regulated over time. Meanwhile the sensory function genes pBR and v-fos were also up regulated after irradiation for one hour and then stabilized. In addition, reproduction-related gene Vg showed sudden increase and then stably maintained and Chg H and Chg L showed continuous decrease with time. Then CYP genes showed a sudden increase and stabilized, while Wham65 gene showed continuous increase with time.

Key words: Japanese medaka, Toxicogenmic analysis, gamma-ray, cDNA microarray

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