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(PH308) Development of a TMDL implementation plan for fecal coliform reduction in Tennessee.

Scheuerman, P.1, Maier, K.1, Luffman, I.1, Craig, C.2, Chase, K.3, 1 East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN, USA2 First Tennessee Development District, Johnson City, TN, USA3 Boone Watershed Partnership, Johnson City, TN, USA

ABSTRACT- The goal of the TMDL process is to remove a water body from the state 303(d) list of impaired waters by developing and implementing a plan which includes pollutant source identification, implementation of BMPs, and other remediation that result in reduced pollutant loading and water quality supportive of designated beneficial uses. The Sinking Creek Watershed Alliance is a multi agency / stakeholder group assembled to develop a cost effective TMDL implementation plan to reduce fecal coliform loading in Sinking Creek in northeast Tennessee with the goal of removing the creek from the Tennessee 303(d) list. The Sinking Creek TMDL was one of the first developed and approved in Tennessee. Presently there is limited guidance and funding available to develop the implementation plan and remediate the systems. This presentation describes the initiation, operation and advantages of the Sinking Creek Watershed Alliance and the development of a TMDL implementation plan. A watershed approach was adopted and the agencies and stakeholders identified. After the alliance was formed by the 8 agencies and stakeholder groups it was recognized that the pooled resources and capabilities were significant. Research needs were identified and existing resources and funding opportunities used to address those needs. A guidance document for the development of TMDL implantation plans for fecal coliform reduction was drafted by the alliance using Sinking Creek as a demonstration watershed. Advantages to the watershed alliance approach include increased cooperation / information sharing, and increased research capabilities with associated cost savings.

Key words: implementation plan, TMDL, fecal coliforms, source identification

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