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() Life Cycle Management - new organizational challanges.

Remmen, A1, Thrane, M1, 1 Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark

ABSTRACT- Life Cycle Management is a relatively new management concept addressing the whole product chain, both in terms of the material and value flow, as well as communication and collaboration between the involved actors. LCM can be perceived as a management tool, which seeks to promote an integrated approach towards life cycle thinking across departments and business areas. This article elaborates on the concept, relevant tools and standards, as well as the implementation aspects in different organisational contexts. It is argued that LCM has both a social and a technical dimension, and that a balance between these dimensions should be obtained. Based on previous experiences with promotion of cleaner technology and cleaner products in Denmark, it is suggested that the LCM as concept, distinguishes itself from specific and often rather technical oriented tools such as life cycle assessment (LCA). Moreover the concept should emphasize the importance of collaboration, both internally and in relation to external stakeholders. Apart from Danish experiences with the promotion of cleaner products, the paper will draw on experiences from proactive Danish companies that have adapted the LCM concept, both in relation to the internal organization and the product chain.

Key words: life cycle thinking, lcm, cleaner products, lca

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