(PM285) Ibuprofen, evaluation of chronic growth and reproductive effects in the freshwater pulmonate mollusc Planorbis carinatus.

Pounds, N1, Maclean, S1, Webley, M1, Pascoe, D2, Hutchinson, T1, 1 AstraZeneca, Brixham Environmental Laboratory, Devon, UK2 Cardiff University, Cardiff, Wales

ABSTRACT- There is growing interest in the issue of Pharmaceuticals in the Environment (PIE), prompted by the detection of some drugs in surface waters and because these substances are designed to affect physiological systems. In particular, there is a need to understand the potential chronic effects of pharmaceuticals with diverse modes of action (eg analgesics, cardiovascular and cytotoxic drugs) across key groups of aquatic species. Molluscs are known to be sensitive to certain drugs and they are ecologically and commercially important organisms. Currently, the effects of the non-steroidal analgesic ibuprofen on growth and reproduction in adults (shell diameter range: 7.2 - 13.1 mm) Planorbis carinatus (Mollusca: Planorbidae) were observed over 21 days at 20 ± 1°C (flow-through conditions). Laboratory cultures of P. carinatus were successfully established at Brixham and were fed on a mixed diet of lettuce and Aquarian Tropical Fish Flake®. Nominal (and mean measured by HPLC) ibuprofen concentrations were 0.32 (0.41), 1.0 (1.02), 3.2 (2.43) and 10 (5.36) mg l-1 and methanol (0.1 ml l-1) was used as a solvent carrier. There were no treatment related effects on survival over 21 d survivalNOEC 5.36 mg l-1 (a previous study gave a 96 h LC50 of 17.1 mg l-1). In terms of growth (wet weight), after both 14 and 21 d exposure the growthNOEC and growthLOEC values were 1.02 and 2.43 mg l-1, respectively (ANOVA, P<0.001). Reproduction output was also observed over 21 d and data analysed in terms of percent hatching success, hatchNOEC and hatchLOEC values were 2.43 and 5.36 mg l-1, respectively (Kruskal-Wallis, P<0.001).

Key words: Planorbis carinatus, Mollusc, Pharmaceutical, Ibuprofen

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