PT07 Chemical and Biological Analysis of Endocrine Disrupting Compounds
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(PT109) Detecting endocrine disruption in the gastropod, Marisa cornuarietis - critical baseline information on life-cycle traits.

Forbes, V1, Pounds, N2, Warbritton, R3, Staples, C4, Caspers, N5, 1 Roskilde University, Roskilde, Denmark2 Brixham Environmental Laboratory, Brixham, UK3 ABC Laboratories, Inc., Columbia, MO, USA4 Assessment Technologies, Inc., Frederiksberg, VA, USA5 Bayer AG, Leverkusen, Germany

ABSTRACT- Recent work on the subtropical ampullarid snail Marisa cornuarietis has claimed to demonstrate endocrine disruption in response to exposure to various substances with endocrine activity. This snail is not a standard test species, there are no test guidelines for its use in toxicity testing, and there is little known about the relationship between culture conditions and its life cycle. Previous work with other species has shown the crucial importance of understanding and standardizing culture conditions in order that exposure and effect results can be interpreted appropriately. This study was therefore designed to characterize the key husbandry requirements of a field-collected population of Marisa cornuarietis reared under laboratory conditions, to derive baseline information on its life-cycle traits (i.e., survival, reproduction, development), and to quantify sources of intra- and inter-laboratory variability in the life-cycle variables. Initial results indicate that, once the minimum requirements (i.e., of photoperiod, water hardness, Ca, pH, adequate food quantity), of the species have been met, variability in food quality, water quality (esp. ammonium concentration), and temperature can have an important influence on snail performance. Initial results indicate that fecundity appears to be highly variable both within- and among- individual female snails, and this will have important implications for the future design of test systems to detect endocrine disruption in this species.

Key words: gastropods, endocrine disruption, life-cycle traits

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