TP9 Urban Watershed Assessment - A Pacific Northwest (USA) Example
1:20 PM - 4:40 PM, Tuesday

() Chemical loadings in stormwater runoff from the evergreen point floating bridge, Seattle Washington.

Wilson, D1, Funke, D1, Droker, J1, Jack, R1, 1 King County, Seattle, WA, USA

ABSTRACT- King County, in Seattle Washington, collected stormwater quality samples during three storm events from the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge in a effort to estimate runoff loadings from a limited-entry high-traffic volume roadway. The Evergreen Point Floating Bridge crosses Lake Washington connecting Seattle with cities, suburbs and employment centers East of Seattle. Traffic volumes are estimated at 130,000 trips daily. The bridge was chosen for study because sources of contaminants to the road surface are limited almost exclusively to those associated with vehicle traffic. Three autosamplers and stormwater flow meters were used to collect composite samples during three entire storms. A variety of parameters were analyzed including dissolved and total metals, nutrients, and organic chemicals including volatile and semivolatile compounds. Results show the expected metals (copper, lead, zinc) loadings from the bridge deck. Results also show significant levels of nonylphenol, an endocrine disrupter, in the runoff. Literature searches have shown that alkylphenol ethoxylates are used in a variety of lubricants and detergent gasoline and could be the source of nonylphenol in the bridge runoff

Key words: chemical loadings, highway runoff, metals, organics

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