PT03 Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs)
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(PT035) Importance of Various Sampling Parameters for Passive Sampling of Chlordane in Indoor Air.

Willard, Kristin1, Falconer, Renee1, 1 Chatham College, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

ABSTRACT- This study looked at the importance of various sampling parameters when using passive samplers to measure chlordane in indoor air. Concentrations were determined for three chlordane components (trans-chlordane, cis-chlordane and trans-nonachlor) in homes known to have measurable levels of chlordane. Passive air samples were collected using polyurethane foam (PUF) plugs while considering different sampling parameters such as height, location in room and sampling time. Active samples were collected for comparison. Overall concentrations of the various compounds in the homes ranged from 0.02 − 0.4 ng/m3 with one home having levels approximately ten times higher than most others. Preliminary results showed a correlation between height of the sampler off the ground and concentration but no correlation for general room location or for length of sampling time. The concentrations in concurrent passive samples were within a factor of two of each other and with active samples, suggesting that the use of passive samplers for analysis of organochlorine pesticides in indoor air is viable.

Key words: indoor air, passive samplers, chlordane

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