PM20 Urban Watershed Assessment - A Pacific Northwest (USA) Example
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(PM299) Water and Sediment Quality in the Sammamish River.

Colton, J1, Lester, D1, Wilson, D1, 1 King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks, Seattle, WA, USA

ABSTRACT- The Sammamish River is a critical migratory corridor for a number of fish and wildlife species, including salmonids listed under the endangered species act (ESA). The river is approximately 13 miles long and connects Lakes Washington and Sammamish, which are located within the greater Seattle metropolitan area. Land use within the river watershed is a mix of urban, suburban, agricultural and light industrial. Despite the ESA listing for some salmonids, little work had been conducted to characterize water or sediment quality conditions in the river. Therefore, King County conducted an investigation of Sammamish River water and sediment quality during 2001-2003. There were multiple objectives to the project including a general characterization of water and sediment quality, providing information for proposed water reuse projects and providing information for other projects, such as salmon recovery. Water samples were collected each fall from 2001 to 2003 and sediment and benthic community samples were collected in the fall of 2001 and 2003. Water and sediment samples were analyzed for conventionals, metals and organics, including endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs). During the 2001 sampling event, we partnered with the USGS for collection and analysis of water samples using their "wastewater" analysis method, which includes a variety of compounds associated with discharge of wastewater. Relevant toxicity thresholds were selected for comparison to maximum chemical concentrations to identify any contaminants that may adversely affect aquatic life or human health. In addition, benthic macroinvertebrate taxonomic identification and enumeration results were evaluated to assess the benthic community. Findings of our water and sediment quality assessment will be summarized.

Key words: sediment quality, water quality, Sammamish River

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