PT01 Risk Management
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(PT03) Comparison of Acute VOC Exposure During Remediation to Pre- and Post-Remediation Vapor Intrusion Exposure.

Jones, F.1, 1 Exponent, Albany, NY, USA

ABSTRACT- Remediation of a former recycling facility included the excavating, processing, and transport of soils with elevated concentrations of residual volative organic chemicals (VOCs). The site was located adjacent to condominiums and apartment buildings in an urban neighborhood. Remedial operations were temporarily halted due to complaints by neighbors of vapor odors. Operations resumed with more stringent emission controls and monitoring. Utilizing the air monitoring data collected during the remedial operations, and the pre- and post-remediation soil data, an evaluation was made of the additional levels of exposure and risks associated with remediation of the soils. Estimates of past and future exposure at slow release rates were compared to those short-term exposures that resulted from the remedial operations.

Key words: remediation, VOC, vapors, soil

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