PW05 Degradates in the Environment
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8:00 AM - Wednesday

(PW044) Biotransformation of 14C-labeled Fluorotelomer substances by microorganisms from activated sludge or soil.

Wang, N1, Szostek, B2, Buck, R3, Folsom, P, Sulecki, L1, Gannon, J1, 1 DuPont Central Research and Development, Newark, DE, USA2 DuPont Haskell Laboratory for Health and Environmental Sciences, Newark, DE, USA3 DuPont Chemical Solutions Enterprise, Wilmington, DE, USA

ABSTRACT- The environmental fate of chemicals containing perfluorocarbon moieties [F(CF2)n-] is of increasing scientific and public interest. The perfluorocarbon moieties, such as 8-2 Telomer B alcohol [F(CF2)8CH2CH2OH ], are building blocks of fluorotelomer-based consumer products. As part of environmental stewardship effort, we are investigating the biodegradation potential and possible biotransformation pathways of fluorotelomer products by activated sludge or by soil microorganisms. To unequivocally identify transformation products and to achieve mass balance of the test materials, 14C-labeled 8-2 Telomer B Alcohol ([F(CF2)714CF2CH2CH2OH ] and 14C-labeled fluorotelomer poly urethane were custom synthesized and were used for the study. The experimental methods, bioavailability of the test materials, observed transformation products, and potential biotransofrmation pathways will be discussed. The potential for microbial defluorination of perfluorinated C-C bonds of the test materials will also be discussed.

Key words: Fluorinated acids, Fluorotelomer, Biotransformation

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