PW16 Ecological Risk Assessment (General)
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(PW252) Implementing the Direct Estimation of Ecological Effect Potential (DEEEP) approach: A South African industry's perspective.

Mlilo, T. B1, Phillips, L.P1, 1 Sasol Technology, Research and Development, Water and Environmental Research, Sasolburg, Vaal Triangle, South Africa

ABSTRACT- Sasol is a South African-based global enterprise, intent on applying innovative and competitive technologies in order to excel in selected markets in the energy, fuels, chemicals and related sectors in Southern Africa and worldwide. Sasol,s Safety, Health and Environmental Policy commits the company to, among other things, the responsible utilization of natural resources, of which water,a scarce commodity in South Africa, is one of the most important. Chapter 3 of the South African National Water Act (No.36 of 1998) focuses specifically on the protection of the water resource itself. One of the Department of Water Affairs strategies in resource directed protection is the Direct Estimation of Ecological Effect Potential (DEEEP) approach. DEEEP is an effect-specific assessment of the hazards associated with complex industrial waste designed to ensure a holistic hazard assessment of complex industrial waste. Sasol,s processes produce a wide range of complex industrial wastes, on which the DEEEP methodology and a proposed classification system was tested as part of a pilot implementation phase. The poster details the results and progress of the pilot implementation as well as lessons learnt and recommendations to be forwarded to the South African Department of Water Affairs and Forestry.

Key words: complex industrial waste, hazard assessment , South Africa, Sasol

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