PT12 Metals and Bioaccumulation
Exhibit Hall
8:00 AM - Tuesday

(PT165) Cadmium and arsenic ions binding on hydroponic sunflower roots.

Blake, C2, MacNeil, J1, 2 University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, USA1 Chatham College, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

ABSTRACT- The term phytoremediation is broadly applied, and encompasses a number of related but distinct physical methods. As part of an ongoing study of the metal accumulation properties of dwarf sunflowers, data have been collected on the initial binding rates of cadmium and arsenic ions to root surfaces maintained in hydroponic media. Variables explored included the impact of pH and the presence of chelators in the aqueous phase. EDTA was shown to dramatically reduce the binding of cadmium ions, while organic acids such as citric acid had much less of an effect. In order to better interpret the data, a digital image analysis protocol was modified to allow for a direct estimate of the total root surface area in each experiment.

Key words: cadmium, phytoremediation

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