PH07 Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology of Chiral Pollutants
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8:00 AM - Thursday

(PH069) Chiral Signatures of Organochlorine Compounds in Standard Reference Materials.

Morrissey, J1, Bleakley, D1, Warner, N1, Wong, C1, 1 Universtiy of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

ABSTRACT- The enantiomeric fractions (EFs) of chiral organochlorine pesticides and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) were measured in six different certified standard reference materials (SRM) from Environment Canada (EC) and the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST): EC Reference Material CRM EC-5 (Lake Ontario Sediment), NIST 1588a (Organics in Cod Liver Oil), NIST SRM 1945 (Organics in Whale Blubber), NIST SRM 1946 (Lake Superior Fish Tissue), NIST SRM 1939A (PCB Congeners in Hudson River Sediment), and NIST SRM 2978 (Organic Contaminants in Mussel Tissue - Raritan Bay, New Jersey). Target analytes include cis- and trans-chlordane, oxychlordane, o, p'- DDD, a-hexachlorocyclohexane, and chiral PCBs 91, 95, 136, 149, 174, 176 and 183. SRMs were extracted by Soxhlet and by homogenization, and cleaned up with gel permeation and alumna-silica chromatography. EFs of target analytes were measured using a suite of chiral columns by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry. Concentrations of target analytes were in agreement with certified values. EFs of target analytes in reference materials were measured precisely (< 2% relative standard deviation), indicating the utility of SRM in quality assurance/control methodologies for analyses of chiral compounds in environmental samples. Measured EFs were also in agreement with previously published analyses of similar samples, indicating that similar enantioselective processes were taking place in these environmental matrices.

Key words: Standard reference materials, Chiral organochlorine pollutants, Enantioselective processes

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