WP6 Ecotoxicological Effects of Manufactured Nanomaterials
202 Oregon Ballroom
1:20 PM - 4:40 PM, Wednesday

() Environmental Nanomaterials Toxicology.

Chen, L1, Cohen, B1, Quan, C1, Wilson, S2, 1 NYU School of Medicine, Tuxedo, NY, USA2 New York University, New York, NY, USA

ABSTRACT- Manufactured nanomaterials has fascinating properties and may have great impact to our society. However, the environmental risks of the use of these materials are mostly unknown. Although severe effects after instillation of carbon nanotubes in rats had been reported, the mechanism of their toxicity is uncertain. In this study, we seek to understand the toxic mechanism of carbon nanotubes using an in vitro model and relevant biological endpoints to provide a foundation to further investigate the toxicity of nanotubes in vivo. We have obtained and characterized 8 representative fullerene and nanotube carbon nanoparticle samples including impurity profiles.BEAS-2B cells, a SV-40 virus transform human respiratory epithelial cell line that stably express a luciferase reporter linked to nuclear factor kB (NF-kB) activation, were used in this study. Use of the incorporated luciferase reporter gene allows us to assess readily dose-related oxidative stress responses since this promoter has been shown to be responsive to intracellular oxidant status. The cells were cultured in DMEM with 10% FBS, 2 mM L-glutamine and 25 mg of gentamicin/ml. Viable cells (5 x103) suspended in 100 ml medium were exposed to 10, 50, 100 ug/ml particles in a 96-well plate, at 37°C in a humidified atmosphere of 5% CO2 and 95% air. At 24 hr post exposure, the cells were extracted with lysis buffer and luciferase activity measured using a luminometer. The in vitro cellular toxicities, measured as NF-kB activities, of the different fullerene and carbon nanoparticle samples were compared against dusts of known low (TiO2) and high (crystalline SiO2) toxicity.

Key words: oxidant, nanoparticle, toxicity, in vitro

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