PW06 Life-Cycle Assessment
Exhibit Hall
8:00 AM - Wednesday

(PW069) The Transfer Coefficient Dependent LCA Simulation Modeling for MSW Treatment Processes.

Lim, S1, Hur, T2, 1 Ecoeye Co., LTD, Seongnam, Gyunggi-Do, KOREA2 Konkuk university, Seoul, KOREA

ABSTRACT- First, LCA study for the 1kg MSW incineration and landfill processes were performed. And using measured data, physical-chemical causality, empirical formulas and theoretical data, transfer coefficient was made in which the relationship of input and output according to wastes treatment methods. And considering ingredients of wastes, treatment systems, time-scale and regional case etc., comparative simulation model, which can show us the results of LCI and LCA according to wastes treatment systems promptly by this coefficient, was developed. The environmental impacts from MSW treatment processes are influenced remarkably by release of global warming gas, transport of heavy metal in soil and avoided impact caused by thermal energy recovery. The collection & transportation processes dependant distance from house to MSW treatment plant were among the major factors, too. The comparative results of these environmental aspect with other economical and social factors could be applied to deriving an optimal treatment scheme of MSW, as decision making basis.

Key words: transfer coefficient, MSW, incineration, landfill

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