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(PM146) Pesticide Contamination in Hackensack River, Passaic River, and Upper Newark Bay Sediments (Part 4 Of 5).

Martello, L1, Wenning, R1, Von Burg, A1, Pekala, J1, Leitman, P2, Sorensen, M2, 1 ENVIRON International Corporation, Emeryville, CA, USA2 ENVIRON International Corporation, Atlanta, GA, USA

ABSTRACT- This is the fourth of five papers describing the results of an investigation of the levels and risks posed by chemicals in sediments in the lower Hackensack River. The concentrations of chlorinated pesticides and related compounds were measured in 47 surficial and 23 deep sediment samples collected from four locations in the Newark Bay estuary: (1) in the lower Hackensack River (HR), (2) in the lower Passaic River, (3) in Newark Bay near the Port of NY/NJ and, (4) north of the Pulaski Skyway Bridge in the Hackensack River. Total pesticide concentrations in HR surficial sediments were similar to levels in both NB and PSB sediments (p > 0.05). The highest concentrations of pesticides occurred in PR surficial sediments, as at least 15 of 20 pesticides in PR sediments were significantly greater than at the other three locations (p < 0.05). Only 4,4'-DDE was found in consistently greater concentrations in HR surficial sediments than elsewhere in the estuary (p < 0.05). Concentrations of pesticides were no different in surficial sediments than core samples (p > 0.05). Comparisons to New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection sediment quality benchmarks indicated that concentrations of chlordane, dieldrin and 4,4'-DDT exceeded their respective effects range median (ERM) values at all four sites, while the 4,4'-DDD ERM value was exceeded only at the PR location and the 4,4'-DDE ERM value was exceeded only at the HR location. Results of tissue analysis from bioaccumulation tests found elevated levels of 4,4'-DDE in M. nasuta exposed to HR sediments with a mean tissue concentration of 8.93 g/kg. No significant accumulation of any other pesticide was found in M. nasuta tissue exposed to PSB, NB or PR sediments.

Key words: Newark Bay, Pesticides, Hackensack River, Passaic River

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